Family and whanau provide a natural support structure, however change within a family can be unsettling, even when that change is for the better.

LINC provides education and support to the family and whanau of clients undergoing treatment, guiding them on how they can best support their loved ones.

We encourage family and whanau to foster a client’s independence by treating them as someone who is capable of taking responsibility for themselves, rather than treating them as someone who is medically unwell and dependent.

Allowing clients to manage themselves and make their own decisions builds confidence in their ability to grow emotionally.

Achieving sustainable change for clients sometimes requires adjustments within the family or whanau, which can be uncomfortable.

Our Wellness Recovery Coaches work with family and whanau to help facilitate these changes.

We also strongly encourage family and whanau members to access additional support for themselves through the existing, appropriate agencies, when needed.

Mental Health as a Taonga

Health is a taonga, a treasure. Without good mental and physical health, our enjoyment of life is compromised.

LINC recognises that embracing holistic health models is fundamental to Maori Mental Health and wellbeing.

As such our treatment model is based on Whare Tapa Wha, or the four cornerstones of good health:

  • Te taha Whanau (the family/social aspect)

  • Te taha Wairua (the spiritual aspect of health)

  • Te taha Hinengaro (the mental and emotional aspect)

  • Te taha Tinana (the physical aspect)