Working with clients in their own homes, we support them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and safe living environment, promoting independence and using existing community resources.

LINC Support Services is a non-profit organisation that empowers people who have experienced mental illness and addictions to make changes to their daily lives so they can be self-fulfilled and reach their full potential in the community.


LINC Support Services is the coming together of two charitable trusts – the Sunrise Trust and Avenues Home Trust – which were established in 1984 by a group of dedicated family members to provide supported accommodation to people with experience of mental illness.

In 2002 the trusts amalgamated to become the Bay of Plenty Community Homes Trust, evolving over the following decade to provide a more personalised model of care that is able to support more people in the community.

In 2015 the trust changed its name to LINC Support Services, to reflect the interconnected role it now plays in helping people, who have experienced mental illness and addictions, on their road to recovery.


LINC Support Services comprises a team of passionate, experienced staff, with qualifications in mental health, social work and counselling, and is governed by a dedicated board of trustees.